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Bike Repair

May 9, 2010

“Bike Repair” 36 x 48 inches, oil on canvas, 2009

At the time we decided to acquire Richard we were looking for younger artists who in some way retained qualities of the ten French painters whom we’d enjoyed great success with us for 40 years. They were fauve colorists, color-oriented figure painters. Being French wasn’t part of the requirement.

Richard’s work reminded us of Rene Genis—one of our French painters. Genis had been born in Vietnam in 1922 of French parents; he had that Asian elegance that was so much a part of the Paris art movement. Richard’s work had that same quality–oftentimes in the skies, backgrounds, and invented spaces. And his color palettes! They are unusual combinations that should be jarring but work very effectively. In his brushwork, too, he reminded us of Genis. His paintings were elegantly done, with a light, painterly touch– whimsical but elegant. That’s what attracted Rod Steiger, who owns two of Richard’s paintings.

What attracts me now in Richard’s work is an organized energy–I think his architectural background has something to do with it.  Even though his work is representational, it contains some very abstract elements that I find exciting. He has a strong sense of light and dark that I love.

I’m continually attracted to his color combinations, and the energetic movements of sky. There’s the spirit of the place in the painting: You feel the noise, the music, the vibrancy. You feel it with all your senses. Nothing Richard paints ever becomes wallpaper.

Rebecca Senior


The David Findlay Galleries


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