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January Fields (Year of the Ox)

May 21, 2010


"January Fields (Year of the Ox)" 36 x 48 inches, oil on canvas, 2008


What strikes me is the boldness of Richard’s reaction to a physical place. There’s so much passion. It’s a world full of life and energy and possibility.

One of my favorite pieces is a house on a hill. Emotionally, when I saw this painting, I had to have it. It called my name, and it called my wallet out of my pocket. It’s a wide-open landscape, with no people. I think it’s the sky I love—and it’s mostly sky. The color, the playfulness of the clouds, their amorphous, ambiguous quality….

Richard’s vision has an irresistible intimacy. What he sees is something from your past, but you’re looking into his psyche: You’re seeing the positiveness and beauty and passion in him. You feel his love of life, of people, you feel his engagement and fascination with the world. I see things I never saw before in this painting, and it affects how I see the real world. I can’t help but go outside and look at the sky and wonder. To see it through his eyes, how it comes to life—it’s inspiring and uplifting.

Grant Shaffer

Private Collector


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