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Richard on Richard

I am powerfully drawn to both the art of cityscape and that of landscape. While my paintings remain rooted in literal reality, they also reveal unseen forces that are continuously exerting themselves against the fixed boundaries of observed forms. Buildings undulate, skies and sidewalks are wildly dappled, and perspectives seem to head towards some extraordinary other-worldly denouement. Yet it all holds together in good order. Normal business is transacted without fuss or anxiety. The rhythms of nature continue to unfold in their timeless cycle. Figures, in fact, are not the least bit exercised by the cosmic forces electrifying their environments. A key message here: there is a relentless urgency to life whether or not one feels it. For a moment the veil is parted and the hidden vibrancy animating the world is revealed.


  1. mitchell permalink

    excellent work, Richard you are definitely on the right track….stay that way…and keep going.


  2. Grant Shaffer permalink

    Love the work! A true artist on a fantastic journey.
    Grant Shaffer

  3. Ivan Horvath permalink

    You’re a giant.

  4. permalink

    You re Work is amazing !! I saw some of your paints today in Eze, french riviera, and it was love at first sight ! BEautiful ! colorful ! love it

  5. Nancy Hutchens permalink

    We are blessed to have two of your extraordinary paintings. I spend the the first hour of the day drawn into their worlds. They are vibrant, passionate, fun and incredibly beautiful. You can’t image how much these pictures have done to elevate our lives.
    Nancy and Michael

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